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Slick 5 Lens Kit Case For iPhone 11 + FREE Screen Protectors

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Hey @Apple, Why Stop At 3 Lenses?
Here's Another 5

Slick 5 Lens case for your iPhone 11 is here to give you the freedom your creative mind deserves.
You can shoot anything your eyes can see and more - without the hefty DSLR prices.
Here's what you get:

10X Macro / 20X SUPER Macro
180° Fisheye Lens
120° Wide-angle Lens
2X TelePhoto Lens
Special CPL Filter

5 Lenses, Slim Protection, & Super Sleek.

Never let the stress of your phone dropping ruin your creativity.


Easy to Press Buttons to feel your phone
Non-Slip Grain to capture every shot without worry
Slide-type Installation for fast switching needs
Double Shockproof. Hybrid safety of soft & hard protection
Dust-proof Covers & Scratch Resistant. All-around safety

This case can eat impacts from up to 12 feet high for breakfast. Yup, it's super protective too!